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Cosella-Dörken - Quality & Environmental Management

An Integrated Quality System with Environmental Management

Every corporate policy is only as good as its results. For this reason, for us, all aspects of workplace safety and environmental protection are dependent on quality. To ensure that these important factors remain balanced at all times we use a forward-thinking integrated management system that brings quality, safety, and environmental protection all in line.

Being IS0 9001 certified is only one factor emphasizing our commitment to highest standards.

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

Building green involves the business of manufacturing. Therefore we do not manufacture products or by-products which can negatively impact our world. We are very sensitive to protecting our environment and the people who are in our employ, while producing high quality, sustainable products that will create healthier living environments.

We develop and manufacture products that:
- are non-toxic and emit zero volatile organic compounds (VOC)
- are produced in North America by fair market wage employees
- utilize high quality recycled and remanufactured ingredients
- are low transportable cost products
- have low impact on environmental resources
- are non-polluting
- are safe to handle and install
- are fully recyclable
- are sustainable (> 25 years expected service life)

The quality of our products is not only monitored consistently throughout all steps of our operations, but also independently confirmed by renowned experts and institutes on a regular basis. We take pride in our work and in our products. "DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates Comfort." is one of the guiding principles for our company and, at the same time, for our product range. Out of respect for nature, environmental protection is strictly observed in all areas of the business. It is our fundamental believe that statutory requirements for the good of the environment should not only be fulfilled, but that - wherever possible - they should be surpassed.

We process High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to make products such as DELTA®-DRY, DELTA®-DRAIN and DELTA®-MS. This process uses only hydrogen and carbon with virtually zero emissions. We recycle all scrap material from our production, and also purchase selected recycled HDPE.

Cosella-Dörken’s manufacturing process is clean, allowing us to capture process heat and reuse it for heating of our facility. We have invested in capacitor banks for power factor correction, and harmonic distortion filters for improved efficiency in motors. We utilize motion switches, low energy idling devices, and outdoor storage to save energy. We also utilize natural daylight, high efficiency electrical lighting, and water saving fixtures. We use recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks.

Our parent company Dörken is EMAS ( Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certified. Cosella-Dörken located in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, utilizes an identical production process. We manufacture cleanly, and do not negatively impact the world we live in.

Below grade drainage or wall waterproofing membranes like our DELTA®-DRAIN or DELTA®-MS are manufactured with approximately 60% selected recycled HDPE. To create a product that is sustainable and durable, the recycled core materials are encased in virgin HDPE polymers. We utilize a unique technology to ensure sustainable long term quality in excess of 25 years. This is our strong commitment to sustainability. Our products function for a lifetime – they do not require constant replacement. If they are replaced they can be 100% recycled. We utilize recyclable and minimal packaging for all our products.

Cosella-Dörken manufactures materials that help to protect the building envelope from moisture related problems. We are an active participant in CIPEC (Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation), USGBC (US Green Building Council), EEBA, CHBA, NAHB and Southface.

DELTA® is a registered trademark of Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, Germany.

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