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DELTA-Grundmauerschutz, Drainage und Abdichtung

DELTA®-MS 20 - Vertical Underground Applications

DELTA®-MS 20 can be economically applied on vertical surfaces as a high capacity drainage layer between a shotcrete layer (diaphragm wall) and the structural concrete wall. The shotcrete of the diaphragm wall acts like a filter and keeps the seepage layer free from ground soil particles.


With its 20 mm studs and very high drainage capacity, DELTA®-MS 20 is ideally suited as a reliable high performance seepage and drainage layer in blind-side applications against shotcreted surfaces.


Studded membrane made of special, high-density polyethylene.


DELTA®-MS 20 can be used between shotcrete installations or diaphragm walls and cast-in-place concrete walls. The shotcrete or the diaphragm wall acts like a filter and keeps the seepage layer free from ground soil particles.

This procedure allows to:

  • deliberately deflect and drain away water during the construction phase so as not to obstruct the process of setting and curing of the concrete.
  • drain away water to eliminated build-up of hydrostatic pressure on completed structures.
  • bring the groundwater level around the building to a common low level and maintain a low hydrostatic load against waterproofing layers subjected to water pressure.

Technical Data

Product name DELTA®-MS 20
Color chocolate brown                             
Material Recycled high-density polyethylene, encapsulated between two layers of special virgin HDPE
Dimple height approx. 3/4"  (20 mm) ASTM D6364-06
Compressive strength

apprx. 4,270 psf (200 kN/m²)

ASTM D6364-06
Fire resistance


B1 available upon request

DIN 4102
Flow rate / unit width @ Hydr. grad. 1; 100 kPa 41.8 gal/min/ft (528 l/min/m) ASTM D4716-08
Air-gap volume between dimples approx. 14 l/m²
Water Penetration Resistance > 120 psi (815 kPa)

AATCC 127-1995

Water Vapor Transmission < 22 ng/(Pa s m²) ASTM E96, Meth. A 
Vapor permeance < 0.3 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg] ASTM E96, Meth. A 
Temperature range -22°F to +176°F  (-30°C to +80°C)
Chemical properties Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to root-penetration, rot-proof
Toxicity non-toxic, non-polluting
Roll length

65' 7" (20 m)

Roll width

6' 6" (2 m)

Service life expectancy

> 25 years (at pH between 4 and 9, and temperature below 25°C). Do not expose to UV light for longer than 30 days.

DELTA® is a registered trademark of Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, Germany.


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