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Edge termination PVC-profile for use with DELTA® drainage boards and exterior perimeter insulation. The profile has 8 integrated bending edges to adjust to the required insulation thickness.

Patent protected.


Designed for use in combination with DELTA® drainage membranes. Suitable for exterior perimeter insulation boards (XPS) from 60 to 110mm thickness.

Can be applied at temperatures from +5°C (41°F) to +30°C (86°F).


Bend the profile near the printed product name. This leg of the profile will be fastened to the foundation wall. Then, as appropriate for the thickness of the insulation board, bend the DELTA®-DRAIN PROFILE down at one of the outer folding grooves. Secure the now Z-shaped profile to the foundation wall above the insulation.

Fold bending edges only once to prevent breaking of profile.

Packing size

2m long

- 20 per bundle

Suitable for

DELTA® is a registered trademark of Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, Germany.

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System overview

Overview DELTA® Premium Moisture Protection System for Basements


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