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DELTA®-MS is a highly effective foundation protection system, based on a uniquely shaped air-gap membrane. It reliably keeps ground moisture away from the foundation wall – a key factor in achieving a permanently dry basement.

Evaluation Reports & Building Code Approvals

ICC-ESR # 2303 Dampproofing & Wall Waterproofing Membrane

CCMC # 12788 Drainage Layer

CCMC # 12658 Damp Proofing

Drainage & Damp Proofing Ruling No. 09-38-236(12658-R)


DELTA®-MS is a dimpled membrane, impermeable to water and water vapor. The vacuum formed exclusive dimple pattern creates an air-gap between the membrane and the foundation wall. This unique design allows any incidental water getting past the dimpled membrane to flow freely to the perimeter footing drain. The air-gap guarantees a safe separation and full capillary break between the foundation wall and any ground moisture.

Unlike any spray-applied coating, DELTA®-MS bridges large cracks and imperfections in foundation walls. This product can also be utilized as an effective protection layer over spray or sheet applied waterproofing systems.

DELTA®-MS is available in many sizes to cover any foundation with a minimum of overlaps and seams. The high compressive strength of the membrane is achieved due to a special dimple design and pattern, and ensures sustainable protection of foundation walls up to 12 ft below grade.


DELTA®-MS is manufactured with an exclusive co-extrusion process, utilizing 60% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) from municipal recycling programs in the middle, and two thin layers of a specific grade of virgin HDPE on the outside. We use this process, exclusive to the dimple sheet industry, because we respect nature and for environmental protection, as well as our strong commitment to sustainability of our products.

The encapsulation of the recycled HDPE ensures that DELTA®-MS is adequately protected against polymer degradation caused by oxidation and environmental influences like acidic soils or alkalinity (concrete), which all-recycle based products are highly vulnerable to. In fact, it is virtually impossible to control the environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) of HDPE membranes that are made entirely from recycled resin.

DELTA®-MS, equipped with highly effective additive packages, is stabilized against oxidation and provides outstanding compressive strength, impact resistance, chemical and environmental stress crack resistance. Tests performed by independent and accredited laboratories prove the unrivaled sustainability and long-term performance, and are available upon request.


DELTA®-MS is easily installed by unrolling the membrane against the foundation wall. DELTA® Accessories allow for quick and effective fastening of the membrane. The top-edge of the product is sealed and protected against intrusion of soil particles or surface water with sealant and specifically designed profiles.

Technical Data

Product name DELTA®-MS
Color chocolate brown

Material Recycled high-density polyethylene, encapsulated between two layers of special virgin HDPE
Dimple height apprx. 5/16" (8 mm) ASTM D6364-06
Compressive strength

apprx. 5,200 psf (250 kN/m²)

ASTM D6364-06

Fire resistance


B1 available upon request

DIN 4102
Flow rate / unit width @ Hydr. grad. 1; 100 kPa
10.6 gal/min/ft (132 l/min/m)
ASTM D4716-08
Flow rate / unit width @ Hydr. grad. 0.1; 100 kPa
3.0 gal/min/ft (37.5 l/min/m)
ASTM D4716-08
Air-gap volume between dimples apprx. 0.13 gal/ft² (5.3 l/m²)
Water Penetration Resistance > 120 psi (815 kPa)

AATCC 127-1995

Water Vapor Transmission
< 22 ng/(Pa s m²)

ASTM E96, Meth. A

Vapor permeance
< 0.3 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg]

ASTM E96, Meth. A

Temperature range -22°F to +176°F (-30°C to +80°C)
Chemical properties Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to root-penetration, rot-proof
Toxicity non-toxic, non-polluting
Weight per unit area approx. 17.1 oz/yd² (580 g/m²) ASTM D5261-92 (2003)
Roll length

65' 7" (20 m)

Roll width/Roll weight 3' 6" (1.07 m) 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
5' (1.52 m) 41 lbs (18.6 kg)
6' (1.83 m) 47 lbs (21.3 kg)
6' 7" (2.00 m) 51 lbs (23.1 kg)
7' (2.13 m) 55 lbs (24.9 kg)
8' (2.45 m) 63 lbs (28.6 kg)
9' 10" (3.00 m) 77 lbs (34.9 kg)
Service life expectancy

> 25 years (at pH between 4 and 9, and temperature below 25°C). Do not expose to UV light for longer than 30 days.


How does DELTA®-MS work?
DELTA®-MS is a dimpled Polyethylene membrane that utilizes an "air-gap" between the foundation wall and the membrane, which acts as a capillary break to stop water from reaching the foundation wall. The air-gap provides drainage for any transient moisture that gets behind the membrane and directs it to the perimeter foundation drain for evacuation. The DELTA®-MS is approved for use as a stand alone foundation protection system, generally not requiring the use of surface preparations (i.e. tar or asphalt) prior to the membrane installation.

Where can I purchase the DELTA®-MS?
You can purchase DELTA®-MS at Box Stores like RONA, Home Hardware and many Building Supply outlets. If you are looking to have the product professionally installed for you, visit the 'Contact us' section of our website to locate a local Certified Installer.

What Building Code Approvals does DELTA®-MS have?
DELTA®-MS is approved for use as a dampproofing and drainage layer material as per the National Building Code of Canada, Ontario Building Code, and all Provincial and Territorial Codes adopting the National Building Code of Canada. It is also approved for use as a dampproofing and wall waterproofing material as per the International Residential Code and the International Building Code in the United States. It is also approved for use by some state specific Building Codes. Please contact our Technical Service Department at 1-888-433-5824 for further details.

Should I install DELTA®-MS to the top of the footing or to the edge of the footing?
DELTA®-MS can be installed with either method, however installing the membrane continuously out to the edge of the footing is considered “best practice” and provides additional benefits to control water seepage between joints of the foundation wall. We recommend installing DELTA®-MS to the edge of the footing.

How many fasteners are required to install a roll of the DELTA®-MS?
Based on the spacing requirements of the fasteners and the overall installation as shown in the installation instructions, you will require 75 fasteners/clips when considering the DELTA®-FAST'ner. The total requirement for the mechanical fasteners (i.e. nails) is 100 pieces. For more information on the installation you can review the installation instructions on the wrapper of the product or on the web site.

Do you need to spray waterproofing or dampproofing on the foundation wall before installing DELTA®-MS?
No, because the DELTA®-MS membrane is approved for use as a “stand alone” dampproofing/drainage layer (in Canada) and as a wall waterproofing material (in the U.S.). Under special conditions, the use of a spray applied system in conjunction with DELTA®-MS may be specified by the designer of the foundation. There is no compatibility issue between the DELTA®-MS and common spray applied systems. For further information you can contact our Technical Service Department at 1-888-433-5824.

Can the DELTA®-MS be installed on concrete block foundation walls?
Yes, in addition to being a building code requirement for below grade uses of concrete block, it is highly recommended to parge concrete block foundations prior to installing DELTA®-MS.

DELTA® is a registered trademark of Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, Germany.