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DELTA Premium Water Resistive Barriers


The Water-Resistive Barrier with the highest vapor permeability on the market today. This premium watertight WRB is ideal for use under a wide variety of cladding materials.

ICC-ES Evaluation Report (AC38)

ICC ESR-2932


DELTA®-FOXX is watertight and will thus resist the passage of bulk (liquid) water from wind-driven rain and snow. It will act as a drainage plane behind the cladding to channel water to the outside and help protect the building enclosure from damaging effects of moisture infiltration.

The extremely high vapor permeability of this WRB allows any moisture within the building enclosure to escape swiftly by diffusion. DELTA®-FOXX is Class A fire-rated, and its vapor permeable and waterproof qualities are unaffected by surfactants.
See DOWNLOADS tab for the NFPA 285 Compliant Wall Assemblies document.


Special, highly tear-resistant Polyester non-woven substrate with a vapor permeable but watertight acrylic dispersion coating.


DELTA®-FOXX is very light-weight, making installation fast, easy, and reliable. The membranes do not distort, buckle or flap. It can be easily lined up and unrolled. Its anti-glare coating prevents annoying reflections even in extreme sunlight.

This technologically advanced membrane is extremely tear and scuff resistant, which helps it to withstand the rigors of job sites, as well as tough wind and weather conditions.

Technical Data

Product name DELTA®-FOXX
Color red-brown

Water vapor transmission

1466 g/m²/24 h


3763 g/m²/24 h

ASTM E96-05, Proc. A

ASTM E96-05, Proc. B


Vapor permeance

214 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg]


550 perms [grains/h/ft²/in Hg]

ASTM E96-05, Proc. A

ASTM E96-05, Proc. B

Dry tensile strength

MD 50.6 lbs/in

CD 30.9 lbs/in

ASTM D882-02
Elongation at break

MD 45 %

CD 47 %

ASTM D882-02
Breaking load

MD 103.6 lb/2in

CD 62.6 lb/2in

ASTM D5035-06
Elongation at break

MD 36.8 %

CD 47.8 %

ASTM D5035-06
Tear Resistance

MD: 1916 g

CD: 2564 g

ASTM D1922-06a
Trapezoid tearing strength

MD 23.1 lb

CD 15.9 lb

ASTM D4533-04
Puncture resistance Pass TAPPI-T803
Fastener pull-through force 211 N ASTM D3462-03
Water penetration resistance (Water Ponding Test) Pass (> 10 min.) Meets requirements of AC38 for Grade D water-resistive barrier ICC AC38, 4.2.2, June 2011 (CCMC MF07102, Section 6.4.5)
Water penetration resistance 103.8 cm CAN/CGSB-4.2 #26.3-95 / ISO 811:1981
Water impact penetration resistance no water passing

AATCC 42-2000

Bent test Pass (no cracking)

ICC AC38, 3.3.4

Pliability Pass (no cracking/delamination)

CSA A220.1-06 §

Flame Spread 5

NFPA Class A; UBC Class I

ASTM E84-09
Smoke developed


NFPA Class A; UBC Class I

ASTM E84-09
Air permeance

0.69 l/(s x m²) @ 75 Pa

ASTM E2178
Linear dimensional changes

Pass (< 3%)

ASTM D1204-02
Temperature range -40 °F to +176 °F

(-40 °C to +80 °C)

Mass per unit area approx. 7.9 oz/yd²  (270g/m²) CSA A220.1-06 4.4.4
Roll weight approx. 44 lb  (20 kg)
Roll length 164'   (50m)
Roll width 4' 11" (1.5 m)
Maximum UV (sunlight) exposure

Always cover as soon as possible. Maximum exposure 16 weeks.

DELTA® is a registered trademark of Ewald Dörken AG, Herdecke, Germany.

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