High-Performance Air and Moisture Barriers
Ensuring your project is equipped with reliable moisture protection of subsurface structures is imperative to ensure long-term performance and success. DELTA® Drainage Systems for Commercial Construction provide effective and durable solutions – for the entire life of the structure.

Architecture/Building Consultant Solutions

DELTA® high performance air and moisture barriers allow limitless creativity. Our above and below grade solutions enable your vision to become a reality. Maximize energy efficiency and reduce your moisture control concerns without limiting your imagination.

Engineering and Infrastructure Solutions

Cosella-Dörken has an extensive range of DELTA® high performance above and below grade air and moisture control barriers. We provide the technical support to help you select the right solution for your project’s needs.


Commercial Products

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  • Wall Systems

    Wall Systems

    Changes in building codes and increasing owner expectations require architects and contractors to reevaluate their approach to the building envelope. To meet requirements for continuous insulation and testing, improvements to air and moisture control is critical.
  • Sloped Roof Systems

    Sloped Roof Systems

    A high-permeability, high performance, durable underlayment will allow diffusion of moisture, significantly reducing moisture accumulation, and therefore the likelihood of mold and rot. Investing in the proper underlayment for your roof will provide moisture protection, energy conservation and sustainability for years to come.
  • Garden Roof Systems

    Garden Roof Systems

    The environmental benefits of a garden roof are overwhelming. To provide a long leak proof service life, the right products and systems are critical. DELTA® products are designed for the unique demands of garden roofs.
  • Drainage Systems

    Drainage Systems

    Depending on your project’s specific needs, a high performance DELTA® barrier will keep your foundation dry and moisture free. Whether your project requires waterproofing or a drainboard, our products will provide a higher level of moisture protection.
  • Sub-base Course

    Sub-base Course

    Commercial foundation protection requires high-performance products. To ensure building longevity and prevent damage, proper moisture control is essential in the sub-base.
  • Tunnel


    Proper drainage is critical to the integrity and longevity of tunnels. A high-performance dimpled membrane will avert moisture infiltration issues and keep the tunnel's structure sound. DELTA® drainage products have been used in some of the world’s most challenging tunnel projects for many years.

Commercial Project Profiles

  • Hotel Lismore

    Hotel Lismore

    With reduced operating costs and guest comfort in mind, the contractor recommended DELTA®-VENT SA to the architect of this newly redesigned and rebuilt Eau Claire, Wisconsin hotel.
  • Sky3 Apartments

    Sky3 Apartments

    The architects for this new 15-storey Portland, Oregon apartment building specified a fully adhered DELTA®-VENT SA air and moisture barrier to achieve energy-efficient construction.
  • Spa Balnea

    Spa Balnea

    This Quebec spa’s architect chose a wooden minimalist pavilion on stilts for its new reception area building. They also chose DELTA®-FASSADE S as the water-resistive barrier for its black and UV-resistant coating, contributing to the pavilion’s floating effect and bringing the architect’s vision to life.
  • The Manta Haus

    The Manta Haus

    Mar 01, 2017 // Innovation
    Award-winning architect Winn Wittman was commissioned to build something spectacular
  • DELTA®-VENT SA declared Redlist-free for LEED v4 credits

    DELTA®-VENT SA declared Redlist-free for LEED v4 credits

    Feb 27, 2017 // Accreditation
    The Red List details the worst-in-class products that are found in the building industry today.
  • Sid Adler appointed VP Sales USA

    Sid Adler appointed VP Sales USA

    Feb 02, 2017 // Appointment
    Adler will work in conjunction with the strategic expansion of the existing sales force as demand for higher-quality building products continues to grow